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MFL Vacuum Pump
MFL Vacuum Pump Quantity in Basket: None
Code: MFL147H60
Price: $226.00
(contact Air-Vac for delivery)
Muffler Option:
S475MF Muffler
S375MF Muffler
S375MFS Short Muffler
No Muffler
Mounting Option:
MFL Mounting Plate
Multi Pump Mounting Kit
No Mount
Gauge Option:
VG30 Vacuum Gauge
No Gauge
Elbow Option:
No Elbow
NOTE: "H60" and "M" models produce HIGH vacuum levels (27.2"Hg) and vacuum flow rates to 19.5 scfm. The "VF" model produces MEDIUM vacuum levels and flow rates to 5.3 scfm BUT with substantially lower rates of air consumption than the "H" model.

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